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Baaken Tischeben convection showcase

Housing: Completely stainless steel, ground operating side, insulated inner pan in hygienic design

Refrigeration system: Forced ventilated refrigeration unit, coated circulating air evaporator

Display area: hinged with gas pressure spring support,


On-site: condensation drainage required or a condensation water tray.


Presentation area: laid out for decorative plate (stone, ...).

Control: Control unit with temperature display and speed control of the fans.

Centrally cooled Equipment: E-valve, lines led out downwards.

Temp .: Air + 4 ° C with stacking limit 50mm // Products -1 to + 7 ° C with stacking limit 50mm Space: MAX! + 25 ° C and 60% rel. LF.  

! Attention, at least 3-sided glass structure is required!

Baaken Umluftvitrine Gitter 05.png

Steckerfertig - Zentralkühlung

Umluftvitrine eben ohne Arbeitsfläche
Kuchenvitrine unsichtbar
Umluftverdampfer Snack
Donuts Kuchen Süss Salz
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