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Seit 1950 entwicklen wir gemeinsam mit unseren Kunden innovative und zukunftsweisende
Kühl- und Wärmegeräte.

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 1950 -> TODAY

VonHauser Edelstahl und Kältetechnik has been developing stainless steel furniture with a completely customer-oriented approach since 1950.

With great passion for great design and attention to detail, VonHauser has built a reputation for being both appealing
  as well as functional furniture.

We are happy to hear from them!

Barkonzept; Getraenketheke; Gntheke; Umluftwanne, Umluftvitrine Edelstahl; sonderbau; Beschwadung; Waermevitrine; Normalkuehlung, Tiefkuehlung

Check out some of the latest and most impressive projects from VonHauser Edelstahl und Kältetechnik. Get an idea of how to get there  Can make design dreams come true. For further information, contact Tel .: +43 1 914 13 19 or Email .:

Bar Kuehltheke Tiefkuehlung Normalkuehlung Cocktail ICE Getraenke Cocktails

Bar cocktail
Harry's since 1912

The aim of the owners of this room was to preserve its architecture, but to reduce its formality. This was achieved through the clever use of stylish color (powder coating) of the furniture and the innovative use of shape and division of the work steps.

Umluft Verkaufsvitrine SB Vitrine Kühlung OPEN

Open Cooking
Bram Krabon

In this room, a creative mixture of lines and colors (black / gray) was incorporated into the existing structure and design. The stainless steel was skilfully integrated and staged with its simple appearance. 



Keißlergasse 26, 1140 Vienna


Steeg 2, 2920 Kalmthout

Tel +43 1 914 13 19

Fax +43 (0) 1 911 36 84

Bel mij
+32 4 95 21 22 95

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